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Marie Coryell Huckins DeGraaf

Marie Coryell (Huckins) DeGraaf , great-grandmother Married to:  Leland Hugh DeGraaf A letter to great-grandfather Leland Hugh DeGraf from his cousin, Henry DeGraaf Cochrane, states Great-Grandmother’s full maiden name being Marie Coryell Huckins.  I received 3 Ancestry Hints after entering … Continue reading

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Great-Grandfather Leland Hugh DeGraaf, Sr.

I have started a new family tree at Ancestry.com .  This next series of blog posts may appear to be an advertisement for Ancestry.com, but the website is truly an amazing technology.  The site is especially helpful for the beginning … Continue reading

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First Post – part 1

Interest in my ancestry began about 2 years ago when I was handed some papers which were passed down to my parents.  My great-grandfather DeGraaf had received some letters from his cousin including an attached family tree.  Cousin Henry Cochrane … Continue reading

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