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Ancestor on the Mayflower!

Last Thursday I received from my uncle a copy of a letter which my late Grandmother (Franke) DeGraaf had saved.  This letter was from a relative in my grandmother’s Bangs line.  Blanche (Bangs) Franke was my grandmother’s mother.  The sender … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s parents and grandparents in her diary

My uncle mailed me a copy of a page from my late Grandmother (Franke) DeGraaf’s diary.  I received this on Thursday.  This page includes the names and birth information about her parents and grandparents.  The new information found in this … Continue reading

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Marie Coryell Huckins DeGraaf

Marie Coryell (Huckins) DeGraaf , great-grandmother Married to:  Leland Hugh DeGraaf A letter to great-grandfather Leland Hugh DeGraf from his cousin, Henry DeGraaf Cochrane, states Great-Grandmother’s full maiden name being Marie Coryell Huckins.  I received 3 Ancestry Hints after entering … Continue reading

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