Grandmother’s parents and grandparents in her diary

My uncle mailed me a copy of a page from my late Grandmother (Franke) DeGraaf’s diary.  I received this on Thursday.  This page includes the names and birth information about her parents and grandparents.  The new information found in this document include:

  1. Blanche Isabelle (Bangs) Franke birthday is stated as 09 Dec 1882.  Information from the document Winslow Genealogy states 09 Dec 1883.
  2. Henry Cleveland Franke’s complete name is written as “Henry Edward Cleveland Franke”.  The 1900 US census does list his name as “Henry E C Franke”.  Henry’s WWI and WWII draft cards have his name written as “Henry Cleveland Franke“.
  3. The name of Henry E. C. Franke’s father is Henry.  He was born in the year 1841 in Muenster, Germany.

I have a new URL for the family-tree hosted at Rootsweb.  It can now be found by clicking HERE.  I recently updated the tree to include Leland DeGraaf Sr.’s parents and grandparents; I wrote about William Henry DeGraaf and Henry Peek DeGraaf in previous posts.  Also updated Blanche (Bangs) Franke’s lineage back to Kenelm Winslow (d. 1607).

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Blanche I. Bangs Franke | Ancestry Hints

Blanche Isabelle (Bangs) Franke , great-grandmother -click HERE for family-tree view-

Married to: Henry Cleveland Franke

Two Hints appeared after entering Blanche’s name and birth-date in my Tree:

Overview page after merging two Hints to Blanche’s profile:

The next screen-capture is the Overview page for Blanche after transcribing the information stated on the two document-images provided by Hints.  Also added the the birth-place of Providence, Rhode Island which is stated on the document Winslow Genealogy:

A document image provided by

click on image for full size

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Blanche Isabelle Bangs Franke

Blanche Isabelle Bangs , great-grandmother (click HERE for family-tree view)

The ancestral line of my paternal grandmother’s mother traces back to both Kenelm and Josiah Winslow of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.   I have not done the genealogy research to confirm this yet. I do have in my possession a copy of a compiled genealogy that lists the descendant line(s) beginning with Kenelm Winslow and Josiah Winslow and ends nine generations later with Blanche Bangs. (Yes, there was a case of distant cousins marrying there somewhere.)

compiled by William B. Bragdon

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