Amanda M. Lloyd DeGraaf’s obituary and confusion about the Bowery banks

The obituary of my great-great-great grandmother, Amanda Malvina (Lloyd) DeGraaf,  in the New-York Daily Tribune published January 4, 1912.  Accessed at:

I learned here that Amanda lived in Yonkers, N.Y. at 59 Livingston Ave. and was buried “in the family plot” at Schenectady, N.Y.

There are (at least) two errors in this obituary.  Henry P. died in 1896 not 1894 and was president of Bowery National Bank not Bowery Savings Bank. These two banks were completely separate businesses.  Bowery National Bank was also known as Bowery Bank of New York or simply, Bowery Bank.

The following is an excerpt from An Institutional History of Banks Operating in New York State ( ) which distinguishes the two banks as separate businesses.

Bowery National Bank of New York
         1865 Established Bowery National Bank of New York

Bowery Savings Bank (5/1834-10/1985)
   05/01/1834 NYS Chartered Bowery Savings Bank (5/1834-10/1985)

The Bowery Savings Bank has a Wikipedia article at  .

More proof distinguishing these two banks apart is seen in the book, The Miracle of Mutual Savings:  As illustrated by one hundred years of The Bowery Saving Bank (not available online).  This book was published by The Bowery Savings Bank in 1934.  It includes a list of the past presidents of Bowery Savings Bank; there is no mention of Henry P. De Graaf.  We know Henry P. De Graaf was president of Bowery National Bank in the 1870s until his death in 1896 according to published biographies and New York City directories from that time period (more about this source in a future blog post).

UPDATE:  08/24/2011 – I wonder who the heck wrote this obituary?  I noticed another mistake.  A major mistake.  Amanda’s daughter, Elizabeth, was not married to Henry D. Cochrane.  Henry DeGraaf Cochrane was one of Elizabeth’s sons.  Amanda was married to James Cochrane.  Source:  I first found this marriage years ago in the old letters and family tree written by Henry DeGraaf Cochrane which my family owns.  To confirm Henry Cochrane knew who his parents were,  Elizabeth and James Cochrane are listed as married in the 1910 and 1920 US federal census records (accessed at


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