Henry Cleveland Franke | discovered mother and siblings in 1900 US census

Henry Cleveland Franke , great-grandfather -click HERE for family tree view-
One of the Ancestry.com Hints for Henry was the 1900 US census.  Henry would of been about 15 in 1900.  This census includes the names of the persons living in the household at the time.  The newly discovered information from this source include:
  • mother, Eunice R. Franke
  1. born July 1853
  2. born in the state of New York
  3. widowed
  4. had 9 children, 4 living at time of census
  5. Eunice’s father born in Holland
  6. Eunice’s mother born in the state of New York
  • sister, Fannie A. Franke, born in October 1874
  • brother, George A. Franke, born in July 1883
  1. Henry, Fannie, and George were all born in the state of New York
  2. Henry, Fannie, and George’s mother (Eunice) was born in the state of New York (as stated above)
  3. Henry, Fannie, and George’s father was born in Germany
Merging the 1900 US census Ancestry Hint:

merging Henry Franke's Ancestry Hint for the 1900 US census and automatically adding his mother and siblings

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