Marie Coryell Huckins DeGraaf

Marie Coryell (Huckins) DeGraaf , great-grandmother

  • Married to:  Leland Hugh DeGraaf

A letter to great-grandfather Leland Hugh DeGraf from his cousin, Henry DeGraaf Cochrane, states Great-Grandmother’s full maiden name being Marie Coryell Huckins.  I received 3 Ancestry Hints after entering this name and an estimated birth year of 1886 on Marie’s profile at my member tree.  The birth year, 1886,  is an estimate from the 1920 and 1930 US census. I found Marie on these census records while searching for her husband, Leland.  In these census records Marie’s name is documented as Marie H. DeGraaf.

Letter from Henry DeGraaf Chochrane to his cousin, Lelaland Hugh DeGraaf -click image for large view-

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