Week 1 – What I learned

Well the planning of this blog is taking a little longer than expected.  One thing I learned is that this blog and my genealogy documentation will always be a work in progress.  However, the one thing I want to try to get right from the very beginning is the source-citations.  I am reading from two genealogy books; “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Genealogy” and “Evidence Explained”.  There is also a resource at Geneabloggers.com, “Genealogy Source Citation Quick Reference Card“.

The other day I completely uninstalled Firefox including my bookmarks and installed a fresh copy of the web browser.  I simply had too many bookmarks many of which I originally saved and never visited again, and they were not organized well.

These are some of my brand new bookmarks and findings during the past week:

MoultrieCreek’s Research Toolbox, A collection of tools to help genealogists and family historians researching their roots.  9 Firefox add-ons.

New Mexico Genealogical Society Blog shares many free research sites that are helpful to genealogists everywhere not only New Mexico.

I signed up for an account at Diigo.  I saw Diigo was a favorite of MoultrieCreek’s , and I also like what I see.  I started my own list titled “Free Genealogy Research” beginning with the links shared by NMGSB.

I then saw MoultrieCreek had a group at Diigo titled “Genealogy Research Resources” which includes over 1000 links.   There is also a group for Geneabloggers at Diigo.

Learned about GotGenealogy.com at Ancestories.

First spotting of my blog at GenBlog !  Thanks Julie !

A must read every week: Randy’s Best of the Genea-Blogs at Genea-Musings

I am one of this weeks 14 new genea-blogs at GeneaBloggers.com

A great article on gravestone rubbings and photography at Modern Software Experience

Genea-Musings’ excellent advice for a “Study Program for Genealogists” . This article includes a “10-point blueprint that would provide solid grounding and enhanced skills for any genealogist”, by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

List of Online Digitized Collections for Genealogy by Genealogy’s Star

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3 Responses to Week 1 – What I learned

  1. Congrats on your first week – wow! You’ve learned quite a bit. Welcome to the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) world of genealogy blogging.

    Thomas MacEntee

  2. Karen Rhodes says:

    Welcome to genealogy, Brian! It looks like you have discovered that genealogy is a journey, not a destination. It is a journey not only of discovering and knowing your family, but also of discovering and knowing yourself.

    You may also discover MORE family through your blog: for instance, I had posted just one blog about my paternal family line (Packard in Massachusetts) when Bill West of West in New England (http://westinnewengland.blogspot.com/) made the connection and told me that he and I are cousins through that Packard line!

    I look forward to following your blog and your progress in genealogy.

  3. Cheryle Hoover Davis says:

    Nice blogging, Brian! You are inspiring me to get back to mine, after a hiatus at vending at faires this summer!

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