To members and future new members of our Group:

I’d like to share the announcement of my new genea-blog to our members and potential new members of the DeGraaf – DeGraff Genealogy Group & Y-DNA Project.

I will be documenting my genealogy findings essentially in chronological order here.  All information I learn about my family which has been shared to me by our members will be given the appropriate credit .  I will contact the member(s) first and ask for permission to use their full name before posting.  If members don’t want their full name used, only the first name given at our group listed as “nickname” will be used.  I do not plan to write about living persons.  If I do, I will ask for express permission from the member and share the post with them before posting.  Any information about our members DNA haplotype will ONLY be used anonymously AND ONLY after their express permission.

I also want to add, that any media shared at the group including photos, video, and stories will not be shared here unless I have the express permission from the contributor of the file.  All appropriate credit will be given and stated as such.

While you visit the blog please subscribe.  Comments are welcome and encouraged.

If you have any questions or comments please reply.  Thanks!

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