First Post – part 2

My plans for this blog include it serving as a journal for my research progress.  First I will share the family tree information that I received from my folks (see First Post – part 1).  Other initial posts will include my new findings at  I will include links to a public family tree to give readers a visual reference on how all these persons are related.  Living persons will be hidden.

After I deleted the family tree (see First Post – part 1), I began a new family tree using Family Tree Maker 2008.  FTM 2008 software included  the ability to do research at and automatically adding the site’s findings into the user’s FTM 2008 file.  On this new family tree of mine, unlike my previous attempt, I worked slowly (well more slowly anyway) and actually viewed the sources before adding them to my file.  I began adding my ancestors with their proper  source-citations, media links and files found at and provided by to the FTM 2008 file.   I did this without being completely familiar with FTM 2008′s features and capabilities.  I later became aware of  the fact this FTM 2008 file had many errors including missing source-citations missing, missing media files, duplicate source-citations and duplicate media files.  I am not sure if this was because of my unfamiliarity with the program or because FTM 2008 was very buggy.  FTM 2008 has had a reputation of being very buggy, especially in the initial release version before its several service-pack updates.  My problems were probably a combination of the two; my inexperience and FTM 2008 messing things up.

I am now beginning a brand new family tree file using Family Tree Maker 2009.  Early adopters of FTM 2008 received a free upgrade to FTM 2009 because of the numerous complaints from 2008 users.  I understand FTM 2009′s stability is sound compared to the early 2008 version.  I sure hope so.

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  1. A great overview of some of the issues many of us who use FTM have had with the online trees at Not sure if you know but FTM 2010 should be released around July 15th.

  2. Brian D. says:

    Thanks, Thomas. That’s a good point about FTM. I wasn’t planning on dishing out the cash for FTM 2010 upgrade, but I suppose I’ll need to in order to remain current and relevant now that I have a blog. I eagerly await the first reviews and guides for FTM 2010 from all the great genea-bloggers !

  3. I have yet to commit to a desktop software for my family tree. I have a Mac so a lot of options are out for me. I do really like online family trees because they are easy to access from anywhere and really easy to share with people and get them involved.

    When I do use desktop software, I give in and boot my windows virtual machine and use PAF. ;)

  4. Hi Brian. Thanks so much for following my blog, Genealogy Traces. I have read your posts with interest. I have used FTM for many years now but have never used the online connection they have to I used to have a subscription to Ancestry but got totally discouraged with them when I tried to close my account because of financial reasons. They did not have at that time (at least 5 or 6 years ago, maybe even 10 now) a way to cancel on-line. It was telephone only. And they would NOT let you go ~ anyway, after a long hassle there I was without their great resources for a long time. I have just recently subscribed to Ancestry again and am finding it a lot easier to deal with. I have found a large number of digital files of death certificates and draft registrations for members of my family line. I think now I’ll use that connection from FTM and see what turns up!

    Keep up the good work.

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